Get Ready To Feel The Good Vibes With ‘All I Know’ by EDX!

EDX can do no wrong, and with his track All I Know, the Deep House dance vibes are undeniably dope! I love the smooth vocals, the steady beat is amazing, and the overall sound is addicting! This rhythmic beat is one that you can listen to over and over again and it just never gets old! Whether you’re on the dance floor, in the car, at the gym, or just chillin at home, this track keeps your body moving non stop. At 1:09 the sound has a slight change and focuses on that flowing steady bass, and then around 1:25 it fades away so you can zero in on that really cool instrumental! As the sound builds back up we get hit with an explosive burst of energy when the beat comes back in strong at 2:18! Hearing this song will get you excited for summer and definitely feeling the good vibes! Take a look at the cool visuals in the video below, turn the volume all the way up, grab All I Know right here, and enjoy!

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