You Won’t Be Able To Stop Moving With ‘Break Down’ by Pep & Rash Featuring D-Double

“Break Down” by Pep & Rash featuring D-Double is such a dope track and a great way to start your day! This one has a fun and energetic feel with a cool upbeat sound. I can guarantee you will not be able to stop dancing as soon as you press play, I mean I’m sitting down right now while listening to this and I seriously can’t stop moving! I love every detail of this beat, and each part adds to this really addicting energy that you can’t get enough of. Everything from the cool tempo, the groovy instrumental, and even the periodic whistle gives this track a unique sound and fun feel. There are some songs that are perfect crowd pleasers and don’t need a lot to keep the you dancing, and this is definitely one of those songs!

Turn the volume all the way up, be prepared to get moving, grab “Break Down” right here, and enjoy! 🙂

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