Nothing but Dope Sounds, Filthy Beats and Absolute Power in GLD’s Debut ‘AU_79’ EP!!!

Dope beats, dirty bass, and absolute power are all words that I would use to describe the AU_79 EP by GLD! Their debut EP is called AU_79, which stands for “gold” on the periodic table, and this dope duo created a collection of music that perfectly works together to demand your attention and keep your speakers moving!

The music as a whole is an absolute banger with a filthy, grimy, heavy, addictive energy! The AU_79 EP has four sick tracks, all with their own feel but with a consistent heavy sound!

First is Crimez_, which starts off with a bang and a metal instrumental sound. It gives us some catchy vocals and a deep beat that will have your jaw droppin. It’s loud and drives through your speakers with some real power, so be prepared to be blown away!

The second track is Handz_ featuring Dapp which is another grimy track that goes hard! The audio in the beginning fuels the intense theme of the track and the beat is insane! I love the ending a lot because it continues to bring that crazy energy but with a whole new feel.

Next is Riotz_, and this is definitely my favorite! The energy is undeniable and the title of this track fits the vibe of this song perfectly! The beat is hot and that drop is insane! I can definitely see every crowd going absolutely nuts when this one drops!

Last but definitely not least is Revolutionz_ which starts off a little differently than the other tracks. With a more mellow beginning than the others, this one has a flowing melody, but be ready because that hardcore signature GLD sound definitely kicks in and mixes perfectly with that sick melody throughout the song. Make sure to listen from the beginning to the very end because it finishes with a cool instrumental that is the perfect ending to such a banging collection of music!

The AU_79 EP is an absolute must in your playlist and you would be doing yourself a huge disservice if you don’t have this one! Turn your speakers up, get ready to put lots of fire emoji’s on this one, make sure to grab GLD’s AU_79 EP RIGHT HERE, and enjoy!

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