Get Ready To Feel Nostalgic with ‘Young’ By The Chainsmokers! Watch the Lyric Video Here!

Young by The Chainsmokers definitely puts those nostalgic feelings all throughout your body. The perfect blend of beautiful instrumentals, smooth vocals and a flowing beat that just captivates you. I love the cool chill tempo because paired with the amazing melody it allows you to get right in your feels! Young continues that signature Chainsmokers sound so if you are a fan of their style this one will surely keep you excited. Everything in this beat flows perfectly and it makes an undeniable beautiful energy. The Chainsmokers have mastered making music that works with any festival and appeals to people who listen to different parts of the music spectrum, and with tunes like this it’s easy to see why they always seem to have lots of success. This track is very catchy so you will most def have it on repeat in your brain all summer long! The lyric video features pics of this fun duo from cute childhood moments to present time! Take a look below, and make sure to grab Young which is part of The Chainsmokers album Memories…Do Not Open right here! Enjoy!

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