Lucas & Steve x Mike Williams x Curbi Bring Some Feel Good Summer Vibes in ‘Let’s Go’

Are you in the mood for a really dope and talented music collab? How about Lucas & Steve x Mike Williams x Curbi all joining forces to deliver this crowd pleasing banger called Let’s Go! This is a fun, feel good track that has a light and fresh energy which is perfect for your summer time vibes. It’s impossible not to love this one and the catchy melody will have you whistling this tune for the rest of the day! The beat is cool and flowing and the drop is sick, but what I love the most is that there is a little bit of everyone’s signature style included in this song to make an overall sound that is absolute dance music magic! Your summer soundtrack won’t be complete without this, so make sure to grab Let’s Go right here and enjoy!

BTW Take a look at the cool video below! It features all the guys going around the city, hanging out, having good times and making memories! Throughout the footage we see them taking pictures which actually ties into a contest they have going on called the Polaroid Challenge! Upload your funny, crazy, cool, random pics and get the chance for a meet and greet! Get more info on that right here and good luck!

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