Cool Vibes in ‘Know No Better’ by Major Lazer Featuring Camila Cabello, Travis Scott & Quavo. Watch the Video Here!

A cool tune with a beat that makes you move and catchy vocals, what more could you ask for! Major Lazer delivered exactly that in their track Know No Better featuring Camila Cabello, Travis Scott and Quavo. This tune starts off with a beautiful mellow piano instrumental and then easily mixes in with that fun and upbeat sound. Travis Scott brings a cool vibe with his rapping throughout the track, while Camila Cabello drops some smooth beautiful vocals in on the chorus to get us all feelin the music even more, and the cherry on top is when Quavo comes in during the bridge! With all of these distinctive vocals mixed with that wonderful flowing dance beat, the sound as a whole is perfection, but when it comes to Major Lazer, greatness is to be expected and it is always definitely fulfilled!

The video follows a little boy as he goes throughout his day between the dream world in his mind and the reality in front of him, oh and we also get to see some dope dance moves. It’s a really cute video and I enjoyed watching it so much that I had to replay it a few times! Turn up the volume, take a look at Know No Better below and enjoy!

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