If You Want Crowd Pleasing Energy, ‘Space Jam’ by MAKJ & Michael Sparks ft. Fatman Scoop is Exactly What You’re Looking For!

If you were born in the 90’s or earlier, when you hear the words Space Jam you probably just think of the cartoon movie about basketball, but now thanks to MAKJ, Michael Sparks and Fatman Scoop, the words Space Jam have a whole new feeling! This track has high energy and an exciting, amped up vibe! The beat alone is already exciting enough and definitely gets you up and moving, but when you also throw in those classic Fatman Scoop vocals, the energy is on another level! The song starts off with the sound of an alarm, then Fatman Scoop’s distinctive voice pops in and the sound gradually builds to this undeniably crowd pumpin, non stop dancing, hands in the air, exciting energetic beat! The song as a whole is dope, but the breakdown at 2:37 is my favorite as the sound gives you even more excitement. Believe me, you will not be disappointed! Take a listen to Space Jam by MAKJ and Michael Sparks featuring Fatman Scoop below, and make sure to grab it right here! Turn it up and enjoy!

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