Can’t Get Enough Of ‘Hoohah’ By Fox Stevenson & Curbi

A track that I can’t get enough of is Hoohah by Curbi and Fox Stevenson! This was an amazing collab and they definitely brought lots of skill and creativity to this track. I love the fun and unique upbeat sound that keeps you moving! My favorite part is at 2:32 when the beat takes on a little bit of a trap sound and then goes back to that undeniably amazing tune! Seriously I can’t get that melody out of my head and that is a definite sign that this one is a hit! It has an edgy sound that is different and keeps me wanting more! it’s fun, it’s dope and it makes you dance. So turn it up right here, and Hoohah is a definite must in your playlist so make sure to grab it right now on Beatport!

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