Lots Of Good Vibes In CAZZETTE ‘Genius’ Video

I love the good vibes you feel from watching the video for Genius by CAZZETTE! The music and visuals together give you this feel good feeling that can turn any bad day into a great one. First of all the beat is amazing, it definitely gets me moving and I love the kind of funky dance sound it has. The vocals by Buster Moe are perfect and his voice is so mesmerizing to listen to. I love the meaningful lyrics and my favorite phrase in there is when he sings, “Not only kings wear crowns”, it’s such a short sentence but means so much.

The video is fun to watch! We get to watch as they travel and hang out in a beautiful location. All the visuals are shown in slow motion and I like it a lot because it helps us really observe and take in what we are watching and feel it as if we were there too. There is gorgeous scenery, amazing people, and plenty of hugs and good vibes in this video, which is why I love it so much! So feel the good vibes for yourself by taking a look at the video below, and make sure to get Genius which is part of CAZZETTE’s Desserts EP available right now on iTunes!

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