Music Makes A Girl Break Free In Hardwell & Dannic ‘Survivors’ Video

Survivors by Hardwell and Dannic featuring Haris is great mainstage music that will keep you jumping! This track is jam packed with energy and those smooth vocals bring so much life to the beat. It has a big drops, massive sound and keeps you totally engaged from start to finish. It’s a no brainer that Survivors keeps any crowd moving.

So now take a look at the official video. The footage shows a girl that is part of tribe in the middle of the Amazon rainforest and she discovers an ipod that fell from an airplane. She listens to the music and loves it, but when no one else in her tribe wants to pay any attention to the music, she decides to break outside of her comfort zone and leave her home. As she travels, she opens up, changes her physical appearance, and goes on a mission to find out who made the music she loves! Take a look at this awesome video, and make sure to get Survivors right now on iTunes!

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