People Learn To Let Loose In Little Boots ‘No Pressure’ Vicetone Remix Video

I’m loving this Little Boots No Pressure Vicetone Remix! I notice a lot of people saying in the Youtube comments that they aren’t used to hearing Vicetone with this kind of sound, but I’m really feeling it and I think it just shows how talented and diverse they really are. I love the whole uplifting vibe and message of the song. The beat and vocals blend perfectly together to create this undeniable upbeat sound. If you want some feel good music, this is definitely the track you want to listen to!

Along with this track comes a really cool video! We get to see Little Boots as she walks through an office building and helps everybody let loose and live it up. There’s also some really dope dance moves in this one. The video is just as fun and uplifting as the track! So I know you’re loving this No Pressure Vicetone Remix just as much as I am, but it doesn’t come out until September 4th, so until then turn up your speakers, watch and enjoy the video right here!

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